Innovation - Agriculture to AgriTech

2022 March 4th    |    Anjli Sharma    |       |    Emerging Technology


I  heard somewhere  that " We don’t miss a good thing till it is gone". This  is the same case with our trees/plants. Pollution, harmful rays, Chemical Radiation and pesticides appear to be destroying our plant kingdom. Its high time to come forward and save plants and focus on our agriculture industry. These plants teach us various lessons which we can implement in our daily life .

  1.  They create somethings of  value for others.
  2. They don't afraid to shine.
  3. They adapt to changing seasons/weather
  4. They are not greedy. They take out only what they need to survive.
  5. Their struggle for existence becomes their strength
  6. They don't set limits for how big they can grow.

If we plant a seed today then only we can save our nature tomorrow. The tree is known by its fruits and Company is known by its team. Whatever our dreams, ideas or projects, we plant a seed, nurture it and then reap the fruits of our labour. 

This is a time when we need to focus on  agriculture industry  and use technology to promote innovation in agriculture. 

As per records, India, with  more than 200 million farmers, which accounts for more than half of its population, depends on agriculture as its primary source of income. However, the use of technology  in the agricultural industry has been limited in India. As a result, the agriculture industry in India  contributes merely 17-18% to its GDP. However, in the last couple of years, we have  seen a rise in the number of Agritech startups that are not only making technology more accessible but also helping these farmers to improve their lives.


Digitisation in agriculture has been a priority in recent years with both government and private sector stakeholders rolling out initiatives to aid farmers and the farming process.Indian Govt Seeks Ideas To Promote Tech Investments In Agriculture And Infrastructure.

The agritech startup pool has also introduced promising technologies to enhance productivity within the agricultural sector. The technologies introduced by them can be broadly categorised into predictive analytics, real-time analytics and crop and soil monitoring which will predominantly integrate the sectoral supply chain, better plan crop cycles, and prevent attacks by pests. 


The Indian startups ecosystem has come up a long way especially in agritech.The Agritech startup movement really started accelerating since 2015 and every year it is going stronger.”

 Few names who mark their presence in Agritech in India are : Ninjacart, Arya, WayCoo, AgroStar, DeHaat, Stellapps, Bijak, CropIn Technology, EM3 AgriServices, Intello Labs, Aibono, FreshToHome food, Absolute, Fraazo, VnF Etc




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