Flying mind Innovations-Auto Sensor

2022 March 9th    |    Sanjeev Gupta    |       |    Emerging Technology

Since last 9 months I am doing Mentoring in 3 reputed Schools of Ghaziabad. In each session I am experiencing new height of confidence in the minds of our young students. It is felt that School Management to every student were waiting for mentoring/handholding support through highly qualified professionals like us. 

Every student is having bunch of ideas with them but their ideas were dying within Schools premises, in absence of nurturing support.

So far 16 Ideas have been shared with me for guidance & to reach upto patenting viability.

I would like to share one little project:

At every home people like to grow flowers & little plants in their homes.

But they always forget to give required water at required time.

Student of Swami Vivekanand Saraswati Vidya Mandir have developed a very cheap mechanism, where all care will be taken by the mechanism.

I would like to thank to Hon'ble PM Modi ji for implementation of Atal Tinkering Lab project in almost 10,000 Schools,, irrespective of any Cast, Creed, Sex, State, Language barriers.