Success is the Outcome of hard work, dedication and passion (A Case Study)

2022 March 10th    |    Gp Capt Y Srinivas    |       |    Emerging Technology

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand”

                                                                                                              Vince Lombardi              

There are lakhs of examples of the above quote but since I am associated with ATL, I thought it is appropriate to take these examples as case studies to motivate the ATL family members and also reiterate the fact that there is no shortcut to success.

ATL Government Multipurpose School, Bilaspur , unique code cbd03014, is one of the top ATL labs for last 3 years and had been performing extremely well at National and International levels. Since I am associated with this lab as a mentor and had been observing few other labs, I studied the reasons of success of this lab and why other labs are still struggling.  

Dr Dhananjay Pandey, is the in-charge of this lab and the students of this lab comprise of children from BPL backgrounds and lower middle class families. While the children have no science background nor they are academically or financially sound but in the projects they make, the creative ideas they generate and most importantly, the way they address and understand the social problems and find out a solution is highly appreciable. They then use science through a process and find solutions.

The conversion of a social problem into a product happens with the support, dedication, relentless hard work and passion shown by their ATL in-charge. There are numerous examples of this but two incidences, I would like to mention here in this blog to tell my audience what real passion and dedication is.

Case Study 1

There was an important competition deadline and the project was to be submitted on that day itself. The team was running against time and there were just few hours left. If this was not submitted, the team will be dis-heartened because the idea was good and the children have worked very hard for last 25 days. On this day in the morning there was this shocking news of the demise or Dr Dhananjay Pandey’s father. There was no way this project could be submitted because the biggest loss any person can have in life is the loss of father and in that emotional state, one cannot expect anything from the son. The children were all mourning the demise of their teacher’s father and also feeling the pain of not able to submit their creative innovation.

Looking at the situation, and also the importance of this project, Dr Dhananjay Pandey, performed the last rituals of his father as a son and from there he directly came to the lab and worked for 8 hours continuously to complete the project and finally submitted it. Later on this project was presented before President of India in RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN, and was declared as the top 7 team of marathon .

I don’t think I have to explain anything more on the aspects of dedication, hard work, loyalty and integrity. This one incidence will tell everything about a leader.

Case Study 2

This is about the students dedication and passion. The team was travelling from Bilaspur to Goa (1400+ Kms) for an international competition ( India international Science Fair 2021) by road as the reservations were not available neither in rail nor flight. As they travelled around 1100 Kms, one of the student ANURAG KASHYAP, collapsed and was unable to move due to acute dehydration and many complications. He was taken to the nearby hospital in KALBURGI, Karnataka.  He was attended to by a child specialist, Dr Tauseef Ahmed ( M D Pediatrics ). His condition was very serious and doctor told that a delay of even 10 minutes would have been fatal.


 Time was 7 PM and the competition was next day morning, doctor advised not to travel at all and the boy was on drips, still very weak and was hardly able to speak. It was time to take a decision by the leader, a crucial decision of moving forward with the huge risk of life of this boy or to return back without the competition. It was really tough because he was responsible for the kids on one hand and also the competition was important.

He asked for the opinion of the kids, the boy who was sick was hardly able to speak and had no strength but when he was asked about his opinion, he said that “he wants to go ahead for the competition”.

So, Dr Dhananjay Pandey took a calculated risk looking at the zeal and enthusiasm of the students and traveled the whole night, a distance of 300+ kms on drips. The next day morning in the same medical condition, the boy re-assembled the project along with the team and faced the jury members boldly.


   (Assembling the Project With cannula in his left hand )  (  Dr Ashwin Ramchandran , Ministry of Earth Science)

The results of such dedicated team has to be positive, their project was lauded by everyone and was selected by GIST  (Global Indian Scientist and Techno Forum) . This incidence displays the passion with which these students from BPL families work and with a good leadership and support they can do wonders.                 






Through this blog, I want to drive home the following points for everybody

(a)  You need to have a dedicated leader who care, support, motivate and inspire the children / team

(b)   Hardwork, passion, sincerity and will to do something good for the society is a must for success.

(c)   All children are intelligent and talented. Once given an opportunity, sky is the limit for these children. Here is a live example.

(d)   Only way to success is to face the failure, learn from them and overcome the challenges. It’s not easy but is quite possible with dedication and focused approach.

(e)  ATL in-charges have the capability of making the difference in the lives of our creative children and to this society.


Gp Capt Y Srinivas (Retd)

  MOC, Chattisgarh

                                                                                         ATAL INNOVATION MISSION               

                                                                                                          NITI AAYOG