Mentoring students for ATL Marathon 2021 as mentor teams

2022 February 25th    |    Gayathri Manikutty    |    |    Mentor Experience sharing

Five AIM mentors assigned to two ATL schools in Kerala have come together and have been conducting a series of training sessions for the students and teachers for ATL Marathon 2021 projects. The students from the two ATL schools are working in partnership with a third non-ATL school as a part of community outreach efforts. Mentors are mentoring a total of 40 student teams (108 students) from the 3 schools.


In December, we conducted two teacher training session

1.         Research and Ideation workshop for teachers

2.         Multimedia workshop for teachers 


In January and February, we have been conducting sessions for the 40 children on

1.         AI and Scratch Programming

2.         AI and App Development

3.         IoT Development 

4.         Data Sciences


We have also collectively put in nearly 150 hours of 1:1 mentoring time in January and February. Mentors meet weekly on Sundays with ATL Teachers and Principals to discuss challenges and plan training sessions based on the project ideas from the children.


ATL Marathon and the Tinkerprenuership bootcamp are both superb initiatives from AIM. We totally love the mentoring experience. A huge thanks to entire AIM team starting with Chintan sir for championing these fabulous initiatives that aims to drive innovation and entrepreneurship mindset among children. We can already see it making an impact on the young minds in the schools we are working in.