Ecobricks - recycling solutions

2022 March 3rd    |    Hina Mudgal    |       |    Mentor Experience sharing

Ecobrick campaign- was an environmental conservation, based ,creative initiative which included   participants students of  class 8-10 th standard of our school . Students collected waste  plastic bottles  and filled them with soft plastics. Posters of bottle shapes with conservation quotes were done.   Surveys on Google form was conducted .Students of these classes had extensively discussed about climate change,role of plastic pollution. Global warming.Enviromental threats. 

Over 100 Students  of our school participated in the national paryavaran quiz held  on 26th jan 22. They gained knowledge on the above topics as the fee in the quiz was an Ecobrick.

Students were  titled Ecostars  to motivate them to work in the awareness campaign.

Students did peer mentoring by training students ,as they shared ideas of application and use of Ecobricks.

Prototypes of usable was demonstrated.  

  Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India is determined to take up the task of conservation & protection of the environment with a focus on the following:

•       Water management

•       Elimination of Plastic and Non-biodegradable material usage

•       Discouraging cutting of trees and encouraging and ensuring plantations

•       Emphasizing on reuse, recycle of natural resources

•       Creating awareness towards Climate Control initiatives

Aims & Objectives of the  Ecobrick Program:

•       To succeed in creating awareness amongst students to comprehend in-depth complexity of the looming dangers of uncontrolled climate devastation.

•       To acquire knowledge, put to usage skills competency and attitude to confront the environmental challenges and their mitigation.

•       To encourage proactive and enthusiastic participation of the students to create ‘Green the  sustainable development goals.