Regional Mentor of Change

The Regional Mentor of Change is a Mentor of Change who has shown remarkable interest and initiative in the programme, identifies themselves as a team-builder and leader, is innovative in their problem solving approach and is passionate about enabling effective mentoring ATLs across the country. Following are the selection criteria used to select RMoCs –

  1. Innonet Portal Session Reports
  2. Overall engagement with the programme via social media, websites, and portal
  3. Video and written responses to the application question(s)

Roles and Responsibility

  1. Go through a 1-day long training session organised by NITI Aayog. This is a comprehensive training that will equip you with all the required knowledge to perform the role of a RMoC.
  2. Host regional mentor training session for your state to welcome and train new cohorts of mentors.
  3. Organise online/offline mentor meet and interactive sessions. These meets could be networking or brainstorming sessions.
  4. Participate in regular check-ins with Mentors of Change, Regional Teachers of Change, and AIM to keep all stakeholders apprised of your work and progress.
  5. Guide and support MoCs of your region in their mentoring activities and initiatives. Also assist in creation of knowledge resources for the same.
  6. Become ambassadors and champions of all ATL activities, marathons and fests to drive maximum participation from your region.

RMoC Application

We are opening Regional Mentor of Change applications to onboard a new cohort of RMoCs. These RMoCs will work with the present cohort and strengthen mentoring initiatives in their region.

Deadline: March 31, 2021

To apply, existing MoCs can fill the following form -


Perks of being an RMoC

  1. You will be invited to attend the bi-annual Mentor Round-Table hosted by NITI Aayog.
  2. You will receive a certificate for your work and contribution.
  3. You will be recognised a leader for your state/region and will have the autonomy to lead initiatives for the state.
  4. You will be a part of a monthly team call with AIM team to give your inputs and mould the growth of the Mentor India programme.
  5. You will actively contribute to the building of a new India.